Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ten reasons why God is different than Santa Claus

  1. Santa is an intentional fiction. God is seriously believed to exist.

  2. Santa's existence is irrelevant for the universe's existence, but if God exists she is the foundation of all existence.

  3. Santa is a contingent being, he could or not exist. If God exists, she is necessary, she could not not exist.

  4. Santa's existence is falsifiable. God's existence is not.

  5. God's existence is an issue of serious reflection for unbelievers. Santa's is not.

  6. Many famous people of high intellectual caliber believe in God. There's no serious intellectual known for her belief in Santa.

  7. There are different kind of arguments that seriously pretend to support the case for God's existence. No such arguments exist for Santa.

  8. God's invisible and inmaterial. Santa is not.

  9. Belief in God is a basic tenet of many religious organizations. There is no organization known to defend belief in Santa.

  10. There is no philosophical basis for belief in Santa, but there is for God.

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Daniel said...

1. Yes, I agree - God is unintentional fiction, not intentional fiction.

2. Santa Claus is still responsible for the origins of things (presents) that are very important to the people who believe in him (children), just as God is responsible for the origins of bigger things, in your opinion. Same kind of thing, albeit of different degree.

3. Yes, if God exists, God would not not exist. And, if God does not exist, God would not exist. This is a tautology, and a contingent tautology at that. So on this critera, God and Santa Claus are equal.

4. Nonsense. You can't disprove the notion that Santa is just hiding really really well up there on the North Pole. Again, no points for God on that one.

5. Tell that to a group of children, some of whom believe and others who don't believe. No points for God there.

6. So all children are stupid?

7. Again, what about the children who rationalize the existence of Santa Claus?

8. Have you ever seen Santa Claus? Clearly, if he does in fact exist, he is either invisible, or very very good at hiding.

9. Again, are you saying that children don't believe in Santa?

10. No philosophical basis for Santa? Hello - Christmas presents - Duh!!!

Fernando G. Toledo said...

I agree, but, can you show the ten (or more) reasons why God is equal than Santa Claus? I'm sure you can.

Daniel said...

I already gave ten reasons why Santa and God are equivalent; or, if you'd rather, you could say that I gave 10 reasons why they are not not equal. (see above)